Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Patio Construction

Hill Country Outdoor Builders can accommodate almost any type of structure that the customer desires. We custom build our covers to the customers specifications. Most common covers we build here in Austin Texas are the fully closed-in patio covers. This tends to be the common trend amongst our customers over the years simply because you essentially create your own outdoor living area. Options such as can lights, outdoor speakers, fans, etc. can all be added to fully customize your cover to fit your living needs. Customer has the option of either having a fully stuccoed covered ceiling or the option of installing a tongue and groove redwood. Both add terrific elements to the overall design.

If a closed-in patio cover is out of the question, don’t worry just yet, we have a couple other options that add many of the same elements a closed in cover will give you. We also offer an open-faced patio cover option for those that might not be willing to spend the extra cost of building a fully enclosed cover. Open faced covers still gives you the ability to experience the outdoor living elements at a fraction of the cost. We use 2×3 slates of wood for our ceiling with about a 1-2 inch space ratio. So although it isn’t fully enclosed, it provides enough shade and security to enjoy year round. We can provide all of your outdoor needs.

Free Standing Pergola Many times we run into the situation where certain homes don’t allow for newly constructed patio covers (HOA regulations) or other times customers choose to relocated their lounging area else where in the yard. That’s why we always have the option of installing a free standing pergola. Pergola’s can be installed anywhere throughout the yard and doesn’t need to tie into the house like a typical cover. These areas are a great area to use Interlocking pavers. For whatever type of application you have, we will certainly have an answer and design ready for you.

Outdoor Living at it’s finest Hill Country Outdoor Builders  has over 30 years of building Pool Rooms or Casita’s  in Austin Texas.  California room is a structure that allows the inside of the house to flow outside. We are a family owed business.  Call us out today and let our design team plan your backyard paradise.