Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Water features

Hill Country Outdoor Builders designs and builds quality water features throughout Central Texas including waterfalls, ponds, rivers, streams, and even pondless waterfalls.

There are many different styles of ponds and waterfalls in Hill Country.  Waterfalls will add a relaxing background sound to your outdoor sitting area.

You can have a garden pond surrounded with beautiful plants for you to enjoy. . Perhaps you’d like a Koi pond that will provide quality water for your fish to grow in. Hill Country Outdoor Builders takes pride in there work!!

The newest type of pond in Orange County is the pondless water feature. This is where we build you a waterfall that drains into a underground catch basin. These ponds are great for children. They are really low maintenance, they provide all of the noise and beauty of a traditional pond. These ponds can be built with different types of waterfalls and in smaller areas. We are constantly updating our install techniques to the most modern products on the market.

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