Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Austin Outdoor Fire Pits

Hill Country Outdoor Builders Fire Pit

Hill Country Outdoor Builders can design and build you an outdoor fire pit that is sure to be the center of all outdoor gatherings. There are several types of fire features that we build and outdoor fire pits are the most economic of the fire features. Hill Country Fire Pits add another element to your outdoor living area.

Adding an outdoor fire pit creates a beautiful element to any outdoor living area. There are several types that we can design and build. Our professional stall would love to design your new outdoor living area!  We install both wood burning and gas fire features. Give us a call today (512) 966-3654

Austin Outdoor Living

Fire Tables

Fire tables are both a fire feature and a table to eat at. These modern fire tables have several different option. We can even install a remote control, that will turn the fire on or off. If you are looking for a Austin outdoor fire pits Call us today (512)966-3654

Austin Outdoor Fireplaces

Did you know that Hill Country Outdoor Builders can also build you a fireplace and fire pit combo! These provide an enjoyable area to sit around with friends while enjoying a fresh pizza made in your outdoor pizza oven! 

Hill Country Outdoor Living

Who We Are

Hill Country Outdoor Builders is not limited to just outdoor fire pits and living areas. We can handle any size outdoor project you have. We are a locally owned small family business with a strong sense of Texas pride and workmanship! 

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