Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Liberty Hill Concrete

Liberty Hill Concrete

Liberty Hill Concrete

Liberty Hill Concrete is one of the most poplar elements that we install on a regular basis. Concrete can be used for many different things. In this project the customer wanted a turn around driveway. The customer spoke with other companies ,that told him that the driveway could not be built. The main reason was the front yard slopes towards the house. We corrected this problem with a retaining wall. Now the Concrete driveway is level. Call today for all of your concrete needs 512-966-3654

Liberty Hill Driveways

We actually install lots of different concrete projects in Liberty Hill and other cities in the Hill Country. Driveways can be made out of Concrete or interlocking concrete pavers. Both pavers and concrete have their pros and cons. Concrete is a little less expensive versus pavers but Pavers have a lifelong warranty. The only guarantee concrete has, is it will crack eventually. We install both concrete and pavers. We can answer any other questions you have concerning these products. We are certified installers through Belgard company. Give us a call today 512-966-3654.

Liberty Hill Hardscapes

We install all types of hardscapes in Liberty Hill. As we mention the main reason other concrete companies couldn’t install this driveway is because of the major slope that the front yard had. So we came in and built a retaining wall. Lots of companies would have built this retaining wall out of just Texas limestone. The right size limestone would hold back a driveway like this but it would eat up a lot of area. We decide to build a CMU block wall first and then install the TX Limestone over the block to match the house. This was a very important detail to the HOA. Our professional designers can help with the HOA requirements. Call us out and let us design that outdoor living area. Here are some of the different elements we design and install: 

Outdoor Living

Patio Construction

Small Buildings

We are a family owned business located in Central Texas with over 30 years experience in the construction. We will design your next project and install it. 512-966-3654

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