Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Pavers Leander TX

 Pavers Leander TX brought to you by Hill Country Outdoor Builders LLC. Installing interlocking pavers for the last 30 years. We are a family owned business serving Central Texas. Installing pavers for both residential and commercial projects. Call today for a free estimate 512-966-3654

Concrete Pavers Leander Tx

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Why are interlocking pavers better then concrete? There are several reasons pavers are better;  you can remove pavers  at any time. Concrete will crack at some point in time,  interlocking pavers will not crack. The second reason is pavers will hold up in clay soil. Clay soil is constantly moving around which will end up cracking all other surfaces. Pavers come in different styles and colors. There are different types of pavers too. The most poplar being concrete pavers. the most recent paver is made out of Porcelain. There are several types of porcelain pavers, with the Italian porcelain being the best overall.  Most pavers come with a lifetime manufacture warranty. Call our office today 512-966-3654


Installing Interlocking Pavers in Leander Texas

Liberty Hill Interlocking Pavers

Can you install pavers? Yes you can but it is hard work, plus there are several specialized machines that we use.

*One of the  most important steps is removing the existing dirt. We all know that the dirt in Leander Tx can be very hard. After removing the dirt, compacting the base material is very important. In Central Texas we use a lot of Limestone for a base material.  This process is where companies can take advantage of the customer. Companies will install a small amount of base. This will cause problems in the long run. This is one of the main reasons why some companies and can be super low on their price per square foot. After the base is laid then a light layer of a sand product will be laid down to make the area perfectly level. Then we install the interlocking pavers. Then the pavers are compacted in place with a polymeric sand. Most paver projects don’t require a permit but Please check with your local city – Leander Tx.  Paver Leander Tx is our passion!! Please call our office if you have any questions 512-966-3654

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Hill Country Outdoor Builders LLC can provide all of your construction needs. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. We install several different types of construction projects. Paver Leander Tx is our passion! Please visit our website for a list of different services we provide. Call our office to a free estimate 512-966-3654

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