Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Austin Permeable Pavers

Georgetown Permeable Pavers

Hill Country Outdoor Builders can provide the requirements for Austin permeable pavers request. The city of Austin requires a impervious surface around swimming pools and parts of the general landscape. Austin Permeable Pavers is not a difficult goal to accomplish, in fact it just requires a skilled contractor. The word “Impervious” means any type of man-made stone surface must absorb rainfall. Hill Country Outdoor Builders has the knowledge to provide a permeable interlocking paver that will meet the cities requirement. In addition to having the knowledge to successfully design and install, we are also a Belgard preferred contractor and an ICPI certified contractor. Call today and our professional staff will walk you through the process 512-966-3654.

Permeable Interlocking Pavers

Georgetown Permeable Paver

What is a Permeable Paver? It is a paver that will allow rainwater to run back into the surface. Compared to standard concrete, this provides several benefits to the environment. Furthermore it helps control run off water and water waste. They also help with erosion control and help with eliminating standing water which controls the mosquito population. Finally,  Permeable Pavers help control the growth of algae and mold, as well as cleaning the water running back into the aquifers. 

Permeable Pavers For Driveways

Georgetown Permeable Pavers

Several cities in central Texas have impervious requirements for the total coverage of landscape areas. Most cities will list the total percentage of the area to be impervious. For example, here is a link to city of  Austin requirements.  Permeable Pavers for a driveway will help provide those requirements from the cities. Permeable Pavers can eliminate standing water and reduce ice accumulation. This will help reduce pedestrian falls and improve vehicular safety. Call Hill Country Outdoor Builders and our professional staff will design a permeable paver driveway. Call us today for a free estimate 512-966-3654.

Permeable Pavers for Builders

Permeable Pavers have several cost saving advantages for builders. Along with helping the environment, the primary cost saving advantage would be the reduction of storm water infrastructure like pipes , storm basins and retention ponds.  They can also create roadways, public spaces and other revenue- generating structures. Hill Country Outdoor Builders provides all of these benefits through permeable pavers and concrete. If you are ready to start building then give us a call today (512) 966-3654.


The first step in Permeable Pavers is to prepare the ground and sand. The next step is to lay the pavers starting at a fixed edge and work outwards. After laying the pavers your next step is compacting and joining it all together. Your final step will be to restrain the edges which will prevent the pavers from spreading apart over time. Ready to start the installation of your permeable paver project? Call Hill Country Outdoor Builders (512) 966-3654.

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