Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Building Your Outdoor Dreams

Lakeway Concrete Pavers

Lakeway Concrete Pavers

Hill Country Outdoor Builders just completed installing concrete pavers in Lakeway, TX. We started by removing the old Asphalt driveway and landscape timbers. Then we installed a new concrete paver driveway. These customers chose a Belgard Cambridge Cobble Paver for this driveway. The walls are from Belgard and they are called Weston retaining walls.


Lakeway Concrete Paver Driveway

Installing a Concrete Paver Driveway in the city of Lakeway Texas requires a permit. After completing all of the steps that the city of Lakeway requires we began construction of the driveway. Setting the grades on this driveway was very important. Besides the water running towards the house. The neighborhood water ran into this driveway. We divided this driveway into sections to help divert the water run off. Along with installing a new concrete paver driveway, we installed planter bed walls, Mailbox and LED lighting. Hill Country Outdoor Builders strives to use as much possible American made products

Lakeway Planter Walls

Hill Country Outdoor Builders is a preferred Belgard contractor. On this project we were able to install a Weston Stone wall.  These walls outline the driveway. We also used these blocks to build the mailbox. These Weston Blocks blend right in with the Lakeway Concrete Pavers. These walls provide an excellent spot to install Vista LED low voltage lights. These lights add beauty to the driveway at night and provide a guidance for cars driving on the driveway.

Lakeway Outdoor Contractors

Hill Country Outdoor Builders is not limited to Concrete Pavers. We provide all of your outdoor building needs from Patio Covers to New Swimming Pools. We take the stress out of dealing with several different companies. Our trained staff will mange the project form design to build. We are a locally owned family business. Please call us to day for a free estimate. 512-966-3654

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